Index of ##download##Windows##

Please note: This directory contains all software versions which have been released during the last years,
including official release, intermediate versions, stable and tested versions as well as instable and
development versions. Here following rules apply:

A file with version-scheme "x.y-1" is always an official release which was published on our download
page and therefore was tested more in detail and should be stable enough for any productive environment.

A file with a version scheme "x.y-zLTS" is a long term support version which bases on a previous "x.y-1"
software version and gets bugfixes only but no new functions. Such a version can be used in environments
where every new version would require a full (re)certification. Every new LTS release is guaranteed to
be an incremental hotfix/bugfix version to its predecessor, modifications between these versions are as
small as possible.

All other files are intermediate, development versions. They are provided via this archive to allow
users to go back to a specific version if necessary. For these versions no predictions regarding
stability and functionality are made.

Files within the "Archive"-subfolder follow the same rules but are even older and therefore required
only rarely.