About HALaser Systems

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HALaser Systems is specialised on integrated soft- and hardware solutions for laser marking industry and scientific researchers. HALaser Systems was founded as spin-off of OpenAPC Project Group to fully focus on all laser-marking related solutions of the OpenAPC software package. Our customers are companies of nearly every size worldwide and with nearly every background. Our products offer solutions for all kinds of businesses like machine , integrators, manufacturers, researchers and many others.

HALaser Systems was founded by a specialist in software, electronics and laser industry. Together with the experts from OpenAPC Project Group an excellent know-how not only in laser business but also in machine building, process control and visualisation is available.

Currently HALaser Systems provides the following components and products:

E1803D Compact XY2/100
Scanner Controller Card

This is a compact but fully equipped
scanner controller card which can be
used with all XY2-100 compatible
scanheads and all common laser types

E1701D Modular XY2/100
Scanner Controller

This low-cost XY2-100 scanner
controller card can be equipped with
extension boards according to the
intended application

E1701A Modular Analogue
Scanner Controller

This low-cost analog scanner controller
card can be equipped with extension
boards according to the intended

E1701M 4-Axis Motion

A stepper motor controller for up to four
independent axes supporting
advanced referencing, different
acceleration modes and others

BeamConstruct Laser Marking

An advanced software solution which
supports a lot of different hardware and
is suitable for all common industrial
and scientific

Video Tutorials

Start into BeamConstruct easily with some
tutorials demonstrating basic usage as well
as advanced functions and techniques

BeamConstruct Quick Start

BeamConstruct Hatch